Wedding at Walking Horse Farms

It was great getting to know Ginger and Eric.  They at once let you know that they are deeply religious but they don’t take themselves too seriously.  My favorite moment from the entire wedding day was Eric’s stroll down the isle.  He strutted his way toward the bride with an expression of pure elation as he shook hands on both sides of the isle as though he just delivered a state of the union address!  He couldn’t have looked more happy.  After being pronounced husband and wife, they kissed for the very first time after years of dating.

Family Portraits While on Leave from Deployment in Afganistan

The Cressman family hired me to take some very important family portraits.  Theresa explained to me over the phone that her husband is a helicopter pilot who is stationed in Afganistan and that we had a small window in which to take the photos.  She stressed how important it was that we got great shots because these photos would mean everything to her after he went back overseas.  I spent most of an overcast day with them exploring a dried-up riverbed among other locations.  Its been a privilege to get to know this beautiful family and to stay in touch through Facebook!  I recently heard the sad news that due to the military’s stop-loss policy, this family will have another year before they are reunited permanently.

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