Photography has been a life long source of friendship and adventure for me and I’ve been learning the craft since I was a kid. I photographed my first wedding for a friend in college and now 500+ weddings and thousands of portrait sessions later I still get excited about every shoot. They are all opportunities to make new friends, explore beautiful locations, and share my creativity. I’m proud to be a full-time, professional photographer in Nashville.

My style is the culmination of many influences from great movies to fashion photography but I’m most inspired by people. My favorite photos are the ones that breath with life and show the joy and happiness. Weddings are perfect for this. I get to photograph people laughing, people crying, portraits of whomever catches my eye, action shots on the dance floor, children playing, and old friends reuniting. There are times when I’m a fly on the wall and others when I feel like a showman organizing groups and doing my best to make people laugh. Its the perfect job for anyone who loves photographing people. If you read reviews and testimonials from my clients you’ll understand why I find it so rewarding. My motivation is pretty pure. I want my clients to be ecstatic about their photos.

Carrie & Todd

Matt, I cannot adequately express to you how beautiful these photographs are….. You captured ‘moments’ in such a beautiful way. The lighting, composition…..timing. None of them are ‘posed’. My mom said, “you (me) were meant to have you as our photographer”. I could not agree more and feel so grateful. You know this, but you truly have been blessed with a gift. Thank you for preserving that day. Forever grateful. Mesmerized, Carrie Moore

Julianne & Matthew

The wedding pictures are AMAZING!!! We got home from our honeymoon and watched the video you put together. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH . Everyone from our wedding raved about you! You seriously went above and beyond for us the whole weekend. And the lighting ... oh my goodness I’m going to have a hard time picking which ones to blow up and frame! You were also just lovely to work with!

Nicole & Brenton

Matt!!! THANK YOU so much!!! We couldn't be happier with our photos. You truly have a talent and a level of professionalism that is unmatched. All of our family and friends keep saying the same thing: you captured the joy of the day. Everyone also said that you were the nicest guy ever, which we totally agree with! :) Our group of people were pretty crazy, and you did such an amazing job of documenting it all. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts. Nicole & Brenton

Natalie & Jeff

Matt!!!! They and you are amazing!!!! I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am that you were there to capture my most precious memory! I really appreciate you and your talent. There is NOT 1 picture that I don't like. How am I going to choose???!!! I have people at the shop (that I barely know) that want to order one just to hang in their house because they love the picture so much! I can't say it enough but thank you, thank you, thank you for being there with us and doing such an amazing job!!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK!!!!! Sincerely, Natalie

Emily & Edward

Matt, these photos are UNBELIEVABLE! I cannot believe what a fantastic job you and Courtney did capturing every part of the day. The whole thing was just amazing, and I can absolutely relive it all through the photos. If I didn't have work to do, I would probably just be scrolling through them all day. I am so incredibly thankful that we will have all of these fabulous photos to look through for the next several decades--they are just beautiful. I also love the slideshow that you created, I think I'll have to go watch it again now... Thanks so much for everything! Emily Linton

Mother of the Bride

Matt is Simply the Best. We flew Matt to Albany on Friday evening for the wedding on Saturday. Saturday morning we were awakened around 4:30 with thunder, lightening, and rain. The rain finally tapered off, but we were all very nervous about the rain starting up again. Matt was so calm when we spoke with him and he wanted me to assure my daughter that the photographs would turn out fine, that actually overcast skies were better for the pictures. He was absolutely right. They were beautiful. His eye for detail is amazing. Every time I look at the pictures, I find a new favorite! He is low-key, accomodating, so willing to please and loves what he does. It is evident in his work. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Marta Allen

Katie & Scott

Hi Matt, These photos are more AMAZING than I could have ever, ever imagined. I sent them to all of my family, my bridesmaids, and our good family friends. Everyone has said they are just about the best wedding photos they have ever seen. You captured so many aspects I never even knew took place. Your photos made me want to go relive the entire day all over again. I cannot wait to put together a wedding album and I'll talk to you about that when things settle a bit in the coming weeks. Thank you thank you! Katie (and Scott)

Kind Words &



“Matt is obviously VERY talented but you may not see in a website is how wonderful he is to work with! He's calming, kind and very creative. One of THE BEST around!”

Leslie Emmitts

“ Matt is one of the most amazing and creative photographers we have had he honor of working with.”

Angela Proffitt (Wedding Planner)

"Matt Andrews is a genius. I had no idea... but really, this guy is incredible at his job. Somehow, he was the life of the party, AND the photographer. Everybody loved him, and regardless of how the photos turn out, he was one of the highlights of our wedding!!!!"

Lawson White

“ Matt Andrews is an incredible photographer! He is such a kind and funny person, my couples feel like they can trust him. I can't say enough fantastic things about him! ”

Emily Humphries (Wedding Planner)

“Matt is a bride’s dream come true! On top of his talent, he is passionate, communicative, helpful and kind. I count myself lucky that I had Matt capture my wedding day!”

Ginna Claire Mason

“Matt photographed our wedding last year, and my husband and I agree that it was the best money we spent throughout the entire process! He was fun to work with, made everyone feel comfortable, and the photos were absolutely stunning.”

Lauren Conklin

“We took Matt with us on our destination wedding trip to India. His photos of (and rapport with) my Indian in-laws were incredible”

James Chaney

“ I was absolutely blown away by how amazing my wedding pictures turned out. There is not a photographer in Nashville that can "hold a candle" to this guy. I highly recommend Matt Andrews ”

Christopher Morgan

“ Matt is so awesome to work with! He is laid back and makes you feel comfortable and makes your experience fun and memorable! Our pictures turned out even more amazing then we could have imagined!"

Rachel Winski

“ Our wedding pictures are simply stunning! Matt put everyone at ease and captured those tender special moments as well as the wild and crazy ones! He easily blended with our group and magically orchestrated us to feel comfortable.”

Edie Williams

“Matt was our wedding photographer recently and he was absolutely amazing! He made the entire process easy. It was hot and we had a large wedding party, but everyone was complimenting how stress-free taking pictures was. I could not be happier with how the day went! ”

Andolyn Johnson

“Matt Andrews is by far the best photographer I have ever seen. You will never regret going with Matt. ”

Joe Elliott

“Matt is the perfect wedding photographer. He manages to capture the emotions as well as the moments.”

John Burch

"My husband and I had Matt as our wedding photographer and all I can say is he went above and beyond anything we could have ever expected! Our photos are unbelievably amazing! Every time we look at them we want to get married all over again! Matt is highly recommended by us! It is the most important day of your life, don’t go with something or someone just because it is your cheapest option!"

Samantha Patel