Meet Your Photographer


My name is Matt and I've got the best job in the world. I get to go to parties every weekend then I'm able to spend the following week editing photos at my own pace while listening to audio books and taking breaks to walk my dog. After all of my years shooting commercial, editorial and portrait work, its the weddings that are the most challenging but also the most rewarding. I'd be bored to tears shooting in the same studio location all the time but every wedding is unique and the challenges keep it interesting. Helping my clients relax or making them laugh or overcoming tough lighting situations has gotten easier for me through experience. However capturing fleeting moments of laughter and emotion is the challenge that keeps me on my toes. Knowing how much my work means to my clients, hearing their reactions, their appreciation and knowing that I'm leaving a legacy of family heirlooms all over Nashville is why I find so much meaning in my work and its why I remain passionate about my job after so many years.


About me... awkward.

My Family

I live in Brentwood, Tennessee with my wife Samantha, my 13 year old daughter Sophie, our dog Velma, and cats Luna & Artemis.

My wife, Sam, is an Emmy Award winning art educator who has worked at The Frist Museum since she was in college. We turned a spare bedroom in our house into an art studio where she has a glass kiln and she always seems to have some creative project in the works. I’m pretty good with a camera or a guitar but Sam is the person in our house who can fix anything and always has the right tools handy. My daughter Sophie takes after my wife. She is an all “A” student who spends more time in the art room than she spends in front of video games or television. She has been making clothes on her sewing machine and wearing them to 5th grade. Last year Disney Channel did a spot on her for a segment called “Me In A Minute” where she got to show off her pillows and home made dolls. Recently we got her a hamster and she has been building mazes and obstacles for her out of cardboard boxes and Pringles cans. We love to travel and took Sophie on her first trip to Europe last year. We like to kayak the Duck River, and Sophie loves to fit our little Yorkie into the basket on her bike for rides around local trails. Parenting is pretty easy with a kid like Sophie but Sam and I are doing our best to expose her to great music and books. I’m so lucky to have them in my life. They work and go to school throughout the weekdays and due to the nature of my job I’m usually working on Saturdays so I keep most of my Sundays blocked off to spend with my girls.


“Matt Andrews is WONDERFUL! He is professional, easy to work with, and just so darn talented. Our friends and family are STILL commenting on our BEAUTIFUL photos and we've been married over a year!!! ”

Katherine Schafer

“His ability to make you feel comfortable and get genuine reactions and laughs from the people he’s shooting makes him the best photographer I have ever worked with.”

Kyle Hassenfratz

“Matt Andrews is a true professional. His photography skill set is second to none, and he matches it with his humble and warm personality.”

Leslie Gleaves

“Matt is AWESOME! He photographed our wedding and did an amazing job. He stays with you the whole day and doesn’t leave until you do. He will do whatever it takes to get a great shot, and the results are awesome! Hiring Matt for our wedding photography was one of the best decisions we made. We were so happy with him, that we recently hired him again to do a portrait session at our home. He’s so friendly and fun to work with. Highly recommend Matt Andrews!!”

Hillarie Shields

“I don’t like being the center of attention but Matt made me feel totally comfortable even when all eyes were on me. It’s hard to explain, but his personality just instantly puts you at ease. Every detail and guest was included in the photos and we will cherish them forever.”

Miranda Burns

“Matt is an amazing photographer! Many people said they were impressed with his way of interacting with people, his skill and most of all his work! The photos are amazing, he uses light in such a great way! We very much enjoyed having Matt as our wedding photographer. We recommend him to anyone.”

Veronica Montgomery

“Matt is absolutely the best wedding photographer! His photos are stunning and he treats you like family. He makes everyone comfortable and captures all of the emotion of your day. Hiring Matt was hands down the best decision we made. Tons of our friends have used him and rather than having the same photos, each of us have unique, gorgeous photos that match our style and personality. Matt Andrews is the best and we can't thank him enough for capturing our day so beautifully!”

Kristen Moore

“He has a sunny personality and is a top notch professional. He blended into the group and was never intrusive. When we did do a few group shots, he had my group laughing and made the whole thing fun and memorable. Many guests noted afterwards how much they liked Matt. I couldn't agree more. ”

Jenn Ryan