Dennis and Denisse – Nashville Wedding with Lady Antebellum

Dennis and Denisse were married at First Lutheran Church in Downtown Nashville and held their reception just a few blocks away at aVenue.  I’m also posting a couple of Denisse’s bridal portraits from Belmont Mansion which were taken a few weeks before the wedding.

Dennis is the bass player for Lady Antebellum and several of the groomsmen are also members of the band.  There was an upright piano in the groomsmen’s ready room so there was entertainment as the guys took turns pinning boutonnieres and fixing ties.  Denisse and the girls worked on make-up and hair at the downtown Hilton but made it over to the church before putting on the dresses, garter, shoes, etc.  I really had a blast shooting in the brides room because I loved the bold green color of the wallpaper and also the pattern.  I thought skin tones were really looking good in front of it and and took turns shooting each of the bridesmaids with the bride individually.

First Lutheran Church is beautiful and this was my first time to shoot there.  I was blown away by the great access points for photography.  Prior to the wedding, I was shown a few spots where I could descreetly get shots from various side entrances behind the action so I could get shots of the bride and groom with all of the guests in the background.  A rare shot for photographers who prefer to stay out of site as much as possible.  I loved the great angles without having to feel like I was being obtrusive or distracting from the ceremony.

aVenue is a wonderful venue.  Its very spacious and even features a loft/balcony area which overlooks the dance floor.  The state was huge, big enough to fit my photobooth and a fairly large band!

Lady Antebellum didn’t play this wedding.  They did take the stage for a few cover songs.  They  joked about calling themselves “The Ball and Chains”.  There was great music all night and the band that night was a band who had been touring with Lady A.  The highlight would have to be when the lead singer pulled the bride up to the stage and asked her to slow dance with the groom. Then he put the bass around the groom, tethering the bride to him so they could dance as he played!  Dennis got to show off during this part.  The man is an amazing bass player which I suppose should go unsaid considering that his band raked in a few Grammy’s this year.

Denisse was a very brave bride and went along with the idea of standing in the street under umbrellas in the rain for a few shots. She risked not only her dress but her life as cabs whizzed by on the wet street.  I set up a backlight and turned it to the lowest possible power so that it would light up the rain but not overpower the reflections in the street and I was very pleased by some of the shots.  They were romantical if I do say so myself.

Because of the rain, we weren’t able to get as many bride and groom portraits as we would have liked before the reception so at the very end of the night, after the bride and groom made their big exit, I met them in the lobby of their hotel for a few final portraits at the end of the night.


Awesome stuff Matt! What a great set of photos from a great looking wedding. As always, you have excelled. Lovin it.
Some of these are just amazing.



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