Gorgeous Light for Portraits

Courtney and Bard will be married this November. We got together at magic hour; the perfect time of day for engagement portraits. Magic hour is sometimes called golden hour and it usually falls within that last 2 hours before sunset with the sun is so low in the sky that its diffused more by the atmosphere and tends to be a little softer. In addition to being more flattering, its also easier to backlight subjects with the sun that time of day so you get a pretty warm look. Hollywood pumps out several movies every year that have a look as though the entire film was shot during magic hour. This is especially the case with Robert Redford films. Just picture Roy Hobbs throwing the baseball in the field  while the late afternoon light lit up the cottonwood and pollen in the air. Bagger Vance, The Horse Whisperer, and likely any other Redford directed film is heavy on the golden light.

I like to bring along a strobe to add a little vibrance and variety. Preferably, I bring along a light that is powerful enough to overpower the sun as in this shot.
All natural, golden afternoon light.

Gorgeous Engagement Portraits in Nashville | Matt Andrews Photography



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