Lindsay & Conor at Cheekwood

Even though Lindsay and Conor got ready elsewhere they decided to make a quick stop by their reception venue, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, to have a moment together and to take advantage of the beautiful venue and beautiful weather for some photos before taking a trolley to Christ Church Cathedral. This way they could go straight to the party after the ceremony and join in the cocktail hour to mingle with their guests. The reception was absolutely stunning. The plan was originally to have their reception under the stars but when the weather was looking risky a day or two before so the wedding planner Amos of Amos Events was able to find a clear tent and it was really beautiful and gave you the feeling you were out under the stars.

Lindsay's mother's house was the perfect location for the girls to get ready and feel at home.
Lindsay’s mother’s house was the perfect location for the girls to get ready and feel at home.

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