2011 Highlights from Weddings and Portraits in Nashville and Beyond

I had the privilege of shooting 45 truly amazing weddings in 2011 from my brother’s wedding in North Carolina to my first Hawaiian wedding to some of the most glamorous weddings in Nashville last year. While I’m very proud of the work I did in documenting those celebrations, I did a terrible job keeping up with my blog last year amidst all of the busyness. My resolution is to do a better job keeping up with my blog this year but for now, I hope you’ll browse through this small sample of shots from 2011.


Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Also thanks so much for all of your support and referrals!

– Matt

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Incredible work Matt! It was awesome to work with you on so many of these.

Thanks for all of your help with them Twila. I could make an equally good post with your shots!

Absolutely stunning! Truly breathtaking. Great job! Hope to run into you again sometime soon!

Awesome! Your work captures the uniqueness of each wedding!

Wow Matt, spectacular as always! Love the Hawaiian, Indian and Biltmore weddings — the rich, saturated color in those is gorgeous. And the baby photos! You have a real gift with children. So happy to see your phenomenal success.

Great stuff. Outstanding images.

What an amazing collection of images! I’m really impressed. I love how many of your photographs utilize water, skies, and movement. They breathe with life!

Ah-Mazing! These are soo good!

You gotta keep that blog up Matt, I got comments to leave:)

GRRRREEEAT stuff Matt! Definately inspirational

great! your mama says.

Cricket Messersmith

Matt! These are just beautiful!

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Gorgeous Biltmore Wedding in North Carolina with a Blue Wedding Gown