Ashley and Matt | Cofer’s Chapel and Riverwood Mansion

I was excited about the location above. The church was surrounded by busy Franklin Rd, parking lots, and power lines but we found this shady spot along the tree line behind the church and it looks like we could have been in a garden. The light was beautiful!

Backlight in the Pews

at Riverwood Mansion

I get so excited when I meet with couples who are looking at Riverwood Mansion for a reception location! Just look at how beautifully and evenly lit everyone looks in these photos. Because of the white ceiling in the Pavillion, I’m able to bounce a couple of lights towards the top and its almost like having a giant softbox over everyone’s head. I can zoom in from farther away and be confident that the light will look great as opposed to shooting with an on-camera flash in which case you have to be quite a bit closer and risk being noticed and missing the candid expressions.

Congratulations to Matt and Ashley! I had a blast geting to know you two this past year!

Stylish and Fun Weddings at Riverwood Mansion and Cofer’s Chapel | Matt Andrews Photography



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