Belmont Mansion, Nashville City Club, and a Fun Loving Wedding Party

Ross and Lakendra were married May 5, 2012 at Belmont Mansion and then held their reception at the Nashville City Club. This was such a fun group and I’m confident that it shows through in the photos!

For their engagement portrait session, Lakendra suggested we shoot it with a 70’s roller disco theme and sure enough she showed up to the engagement shoot with skates with giant red balls hanging from them. I got videos of Ross pushing Lakendra back and forth in front of the Schermerhorn with his fist pumping like it was a 2 person conga line.  Sure enough, when the wedding date rolled around, just as much personality was incorporated into everything from the top hats and canes to the Photobooth props at the reception. Its been a big year for the newlyweds who are going to be moving out of Brooklyn, NY this summer after getting the news that Lakendra was accepted into Harvard Law School!

Portraits of Lakendra

I loved these bridal portraits featuring the gorgeous staircase at Belmont Mansion


With top hats and canes we had no choice but to do some Monopoly poses.

These guys were such great sports. I had them fencing and they all got into it until there was a giant sword fight on Belmont's campus.

Ross and his brothers each have tattoos of Aces up their sleeve because their last name means card player in Spanish.

Rev. Brandon Rich of Rich Events | Brandon has to be cranking out more happily married couples than anyone in Nashville.

Jumping the Broom

The guys arrived at the City Club before the girls and I thought it would be fun to get them to step out of the building to do their waiting on the sidewalk so I could get shots of them interacting with passersby. These guys took that to a whole other level when the groom started beat-boxing and several of the guys took turns rapping as a crowd began to form. It was completely impromptu and they had a pretty good little audience for a bit just as the girls arrived.

This was a first for me but throughout the day I took video clips here and there and put together a video slideshow for the couple. Click the following link to view it:


Stylish and Fun Weddings at the Belmont Mansion and the Nashville City Club | Matt Andrews Photography



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