Bridal Portraits at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center

If you’ve never been to the The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, you should go. A few years back I was lucky enough to be contracted by the Schermerhorn to document several big concerts including Patti Smith and the Count Basie Orchestra, an American Idol Winner (whose name I’ve forgotten), the San Francisco Symphony and several Nashville Symphony Concerts among others. I was really impressed with the building and I’ve always wanted to do a portrait session there. Last month I finally got my chance when I met Marissa there for bridal portraits. We weren’t able to shoot in the concert hall due to live recording but we never ran out of great locations.

Glamorous Bridal Portraits with the Reflective Marble in the Lobby


With all of the negative space and big neutral walls the Schermerhorn is the ultimate photography studio.

Window with a view of the BellSouth Tower. I got a few versions where I lit the shot so you could see the tower but I thought they looked a little too busy and these shots with the washed out backlight looked a little prettier to me.

The Courtyard at the Schermerhorn where Marissa's Wedding took place just a few weeks after these shots were taken.



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