Brittany and Timathy | Wedding at Scarritt-Bennett and Houston Station

Brittany and Timathy were married at Scarritt-Bennett Center and held their reception at Houston Station.  This gorgeous wedding was coordinated by Angela Proffitt.

The Groomsmen Charging Me!

Timathy’s gift from Brittany was a huge box of cigars and Tim generously shared later at the reception. I loved the expression on their faces when he opened the mysterious box.

This moment between the bride and the flower girl was one of my favorites!

As the bride and groom exited the church, the were stopped by a pair of swords every few steps until they kissed. Just after this shot was taken the best man on the left popped the bride on the butt with his sword and got a big laugh.
The Wedding Party
Bride and Groom Portraits in the Gorgeous Window Light at Houston Station

Angela Profitt is so great with all of the little details!
The bride’s party dress!
Little did the girl who caught the bouquet know but her boyfriend who caught the garter was about to propose after he put the garter on her! It was pretty smooth!

It was a big night for the best man who is soon to be a groom himself.


Fun and Stylish Weddings at Scarritt-Bennett Center and Houston Station | Matt Andrews Photography



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