Juggling Photography and Groomsman Duties at my Brother Glennon’s Wedding

Glennon and Jordan were married in North Carolina on April 30th.  I was asked to be a groomsman but I wanted to shoot the wedding also, so I brought along two photographers to help me out and ensure that I could still be in the ceremony and put my camera down to dance at the reception.

I’ve always been so proud of my little brother.  He has always been one of the most outgoing, fun-loving and creative people I’ve ever known and he married the perfect girl for him.  I think they may have too much fun together.  They are such a great match.  Glennon is a song-writer and Jordan is the lead singer in Max Headroom, an 80’s band that plays events in Nashville.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity that I may one day shoot a wedding where Jordan’s band provides the entertainment!  At the reception, each place setting had a mix CD as a gift and it featured Glennon’s song Grey Skies on Carolina and Jordan’s rendition of Songbird that she was able to record in Jamie O’Neal’s studio. It really sounds amazing and my daughter asks me to play it every time we get in the car.

It was a pretty amazing wedding weekend.  The rehearsal dinner was the largest and most entertaining that I’ve ever attended and by the end of the night a at least 150 people were singing in unison!  The ceremony was lake-front and the weather was perfect but you won’t see any of those photos below since I was in the ceremony.  You will have to check out the proof site to see the rest.

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There is a better version of the above shot in one of my 2nd photographer’s folders.  Its better b/c I’m in it  ; )

I’ll be shooting a wedding for the couple in the photo above this December.  They are going to be super fun to shoot!






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