Legacy Farms Wedding for Nathan and Brooke

Brooke and Nathan were married on June 30th, 2012 at Legacy Farms in Lebanon. It was 109 degrees so it was decided that the ceremony should be moved indoors because it was so hot that they were honestly worried that someone might die if they had to sit in the sun for the ceremony in the originally planned location. It was a good move. Even though outdoor weddings at Legacy Farms are gorgeous, they have a great back-up plan for extreme weather and in this situation they moved to the upstairs of the reception venue where the bride and groom were married in front of a staircase covered in candles. It was so hot that I worried I would be able to talk the wedding party into doing any outdoor photos but Brooke was a brave bride and the venue provided us with golf cart rides to help keep us cool and to cover more ground in a short amount of time. The photo results were well worth coping with the heat.

Check out Brooke’s Pink Wedding Gown by Vera Wang

Brooke’s twin sister was her maid of honor.
I have to give these bridesmaids props. You would never know it was 109 degrees in these photos. They look happy and comfortable!
The “See Rock City” barn!

Killing time and grabbing a few more photos in the air conditioned bride’s room.

The happy groom just before the ceremony.

Nathan and I discovered that we had mutual friends as his ceremony was beginning. Nathan is a lawyer now and he and Brooke live in Birmingham but I did know that he had a degree in music business like I do and it turns out that he has been over to my parent’s house to play guitar with my younger brother Glennon back in high school.  I love “small world” moments.

Not a bad fallback location in case of rain or record breaking heat.

What I’m most proud of as a photographer is not my portrait work but the look I get in my reception photos. I’m proud of the lighting which I believe sets me apart from the bulk of wedding photographers out there who use on camera flash. A good 50% of what I deliver comes from the party! I’m able to step back and capture candid expressions and laughter from across the room. For me this is the most rewarding part of the day b/c I love to capture people looking happy and while we have fun shooting all day, the reception is where everyone lets loose!

Epic Bubble Exit


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