Nashville Wedding at West End United Methodist Church

Lyndsey and Charley were married at West End United Methodist Church on November 10, 2012. It was the last wedding of the autumn where we had some amazing color in the trees and we took advantage of it. The guys had a tour bus drop us off at Centennial Park where we played in the leaves and harassed joggers. Earlier that afternoon I met the guys for some getting ready shots at the downtown Hilton. We noticed that there was a giant finish line for the Ragner Relay near the entrance so I thought it would make a fun photo to have the guys sneak in and run through in their suits. It was pretty funny. There were cheers as they ran through (some holding their fingers over their ears like secret servicemen) and they were awarded with heavy duty medals…. which we returned after our photo opportunity. It looked like a lot of fun. I’m going to have to participate in that Relay one year and finish it for real. Its a 196 mile, overnight relay race from Chattanooga to downtown Nashville.

The girls met at West End United Methodist Church where we hurried to get a few shots in before dark and before the girls had to hide as guests started to arrive.
Houston Station was decked out with string lights and the guests showed up ready to party. The groom is a singer/songwriter and the band put him on the spot to sing a few songs with them. Charlie did great and the band was amazing! Guests were bowing to the lead guitarists as he soloed and showed off to Prince’s “Purple Rain”. I’m a Prince fan and his solo really reminded me of the one Prince did at his Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction.
Above and to the right would be the couple at this wedding who have been married the longest!

Just look at what a blast everyone had!

Fun and Stylish Documentary Wedding Photography at Houston Station and West End United Methodist Church in Nashville

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