Near Death Experience Just One Week Prior To Wedding

Last summer, I was scheduled to shoot a wedding for John and Katrina when I received a distressing call from Katrina’s mom just days before the wedidng.  She told me that the wedding was off because John had fallen seriously ill.  She said he might not even make it and that he was considered the most serious case at Vanderbilt.  One day he was doing fine and the next his kidney had suddenly failed.  I told her not to worry about the wedding photography, that we would reschedule once he was well.

The day that should have been their wedding day ended up being a pretty harrowing day with Katrina sitting by John’s side at the hospital.

Slowly but surely, John started doing better.  He and Katrina were married there in the hospital and their story was featured in the Tennessean.  John’s recovery still isn’t over but they were able to reschedule their wedding for December 18th and needless to say, it was a very emotional wedding.  At one point during the service, Katrina read a letter describing the whole story and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  I saw big burly men wiping their eyes and I’ve never heard so many sniffles.

This wedding was a true celebration!


You are wonderful at what you do and we thank God Pam found you! I am sending my boss your site for her to inquire about getting you for her daughter’s wedding. Hope it can work out? We hope you and your family are doing great! Thanks again Matt for making Trina’s day special………..



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