Union Station Wedding with a Maggiano’s Reception

David and Cindy held their wedding ceremony at Union Station Hotel which is an amazing place for photos.  Every time I shoot a wedding at Union Station we get such beautiful shots of everyone getting ready because the rooms have gorgeous window light.  I love the baby blue walls, large headboards on the beds and the cool patterns on the carpets which blow away the carpets at all of the other hotels in my opinion.

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Some of these shots of the bride and flower girls jumping on the bed are going to have to go on my website somewhere.  I need to just start a whole category for jumping on the bed and pillow fights b/c I love action shots like that.

The guys and I snuck into the bar a few hours before it opened and we went for some manly shots and that led us to some Rembrandt shots with the giant painting of Jack Nicholson on the wall of the bar.

The ceremony was beautiful.  The Mckinley room offered the same amazing window light that the guest rooms offer.

We had to dodge guests a bit for some of the formals in the main lobby of the hotel but it was worth it to see the ornate decor and to have the giant clock in the background of the group formals.  I wish my wedding formals had a background like that!

The wedding party planned to stop by Centennial Park for some outdoor group photos on the way to Maggiano’s Little Italy for the reception, but there was a giant festival at the park so we headed straight to the reception.

The reception was short but sweet and the food was delicious. I read on Facebook that the newlyweds are already in Greece and on route to Turkey in what I would call “my kinda honeymoon!”

Cheers to the happy couple!

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