Wedding at CJ’s off the Square in Franklin for Miranda and Jarad

Jarad and Miranda were married at CJ’s Off the Square in Franklin. CJ’s is such a great venue. Just take a look at all of the beautiful settings and how well my lights filled the pavilion at the reception. Everyone on the dance floor looked so crisp and clear in the bounced light! The girls’ ready room upstairs is beautiful and we took advantage of the window light to get some gorgeous shots of Miranda getting ready along with some important detail shots. The groomsmen’s room was stocked with a card table, video games, and more to occupy the guys but we ended up taking a walk around downtown Franklin and the whole group grabbed a beer at the Irish pub before making our way back. The dance floor and photobooth were busy all evening and its evident how much fun everyone had in the photos! Check ’em out!

I photographed this wedding in tandem with Twila Allen of Twila’s Photography who captured the shot of the flower girl above. I’m one of Twila’s biggest fans. I’ve been working with her for years now and I still find myself pleasantly surprised when looking through her photos at every wedding. She always gets many of the very best shots from the weddings we shoot together so its no surprise that she is booking so many weddings of her own.
This bird’s nest was in the pavilion in the back yard where the reception took place and every time the mama bird stopped by the next to drop off some food the baby birds would shriek.


Fun and Stylish Weddings at CJ’s Off the Square in Franklin, Tennessee and Destinations Worldwide | Matt Andrews Photography



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