Windy Wedding at Front Porch Farms

Adam and Bonnie were married on May 22 at Front Porch Farms.  It was the last wedding that I photographed this year that had mild temperatures and I truly miss weather like that!  I was also hands-down the windiest wedding that I’ve ever photographed.  I love shooting in the wind and catching tablecloths and hair blowing.  I think the wind blowing hard is a sure way to have big smiles and interesting photos which is why I like to bring my little electric leaf blower to Photobooths. There was no need for the leaf blower at this wedding.  Click here to check out the fusion slideshow.  I fused video clips in with the still shots to help show off the wind.  You’ll see from this slideshow that the wedding party was a fun group to shoot and that the weather only made the day more interesting.

This was my first visit to Front Porch Farms and I really loved it!  It was a fun and stylish location and made for great wedding photos!  It was as though an Anthropology store exploded onto the most beautiful piece of land overlooking the Cumberland River.  Simply gorgeous.

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