Telling Our Stories – Native American Documentary

Following are a few shots selected from a 2 day documentary project.  I was hired by a Washington D.C. based non-profit to sit in on a series of interviews with 2 Native Americans, then I had to work with the subjects to plan and capture shots that would help tell their stories. For instance, one of the subjects mentioned that he felt like he’s always been a part of two different cultures so I created an image with him standing back to back with himself.  On the left side he was wearing a ribbon shirt and holding an eagle wing and in the right side he was wearing a sport coat and a Blue Tooth.  When he saw it, he delivered a wonderful compliment and said that it was the best depiction of himself that he has ever seen.  It was a great couple of days.  The backlit shot at night probably wasn’t used b/c there aren’t too many Native American ceremonies that take place after dark but I thought it would be a cool shot with backlight creating a silhouette but lighting up the feathers.




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