Glen and Rhonda – Belle Meade Plantation Wedding

Click this link to get a more comprehensive look at this wedding through a slideshow!

Glen and Rhonda were married in the carriage house at Belle Meade Plantation on February 19th.  There wasn’t much daylight after they arrived at the mansion for photos but we worked fast to get as many outdoor portraits as possible.  We really took a lot of reception photos that evening and after the bride and groom made their big exit, I followed them out to the Lowes Vanderbilt hotel where we took a few portraits in their lobby before getting a video of Glen carrying Rhonda across the thresh-hold of their room, be sure to check out their slideshow through the link above, it ends with that video!



I really loved working with this couple!  Rhonda has a bail bonding company and Glen owns a gun and ammo shop in Belleview.  When we went over the wedding agreement we were surounded by guns and Harly Davidson motorcycles and I thought to myself, this couple is pretty tough.  I’d love to get some crazy bride/groom portraits with them both on a Harley, a tattered wedding dress, gasoline explosion in the background, and guns drawn at the camera like an action movie!!  I still want to get that shot, but after getting to know them better, I’d say that in addition to adventurous (honeymoon in New Zealand), they are super friendly, loving and well respected people.  Such a great match!  I’m going to keep pestering them about the action movie bride/groom shot and post it prominently when we get it!!

Glen collects pocket watches!



The most amazing night of my life, captured with Matt’s keen eye! The red shoes pop in every photo….thak you Matt for making it all unforgettable.
P.S…WE ARE all about the action packed photos of Harleys and guns, we can always get out of jail if we have too much fun!!!



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