Rachel Williamson Maternity Portraits and Family Portraits

Rachel set up an appointment for maternity portraits with some family portraits mixed in and not a day too late either.  I found out through Facebook that she delivered her baby just a week or two after our session!

We met up at Shelby Bottoms park in East Nashville in order to get some shots in front of the water with some sun in the background and then we finished out our shoot at Riverwood Mansion.

The shot with the dove flying in the foreground isn’t Photoshop magic.  Rachel stirred up the birds and we waited for one to fly into the frame since they were flying around everywhere. I believe she was patiently trying to keep her balance here while I attempted to get the shot.  I must have snapped 20 shots where the bird or birds would be in front of Rachel or half-way out of the frame, but this one worked out perfectly!



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