Heather + Alberto | Wedding at the Bruce Convention Center in Hopkinsville

Alberto and Heather were married the Wednesday between Christmas and New Years, a great time of year to celebrate an anniversary because they’ll always have relatives around to babysit and give them a night out…. I know because my parents were married the same time of year and they always took advantage!

The wedding took place at the Bruce Convention Center in Hopkinsville.  It was a very rainy day outside so it was ideal that we had this massive convention center to explore for photographs.  Its such a great place to get married if you worry about extreme heat or cold on your wedding day b/c the place is huge!  Alberto’s nationality is Mexican and there was a clear theme at this wedding!  The rehearsal dinner took place at a Mexican restaurant in Clarksville and there was a Mariachi band at the reception during the cocktail hour before the deejay took over.  After the Mariachi band finished, they were gracious enough to gather together on the photobooth and allow people to have their photos made with them.


I loved getting to know this sweet couple!  They really made me feel like an old friend at their wedding and also at the rehearsal dinner the night before.  They insisted that I sit down and eat and I had a blast chatting with their friends!  It was a huge turn-out and everyone had a blast.  This couple is truly loved!


So you want to get a bowl and chop up some yellow squash, mix it with olive oil, touch of balsamic vinegar, Garlic, basil, oregano, salt and cracked pepper. Cook on med heat on cast iron skillet till golden edge appears on squash.
This is a good one!

I was wondering if someone would actually send me a recipe. See you soon Lance.



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