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Boxing Ring Leads to Wedding Ring

Shelby met Cory when he was the instructor for her self-defense class so we incorporated some shots in a boxing ring into their engagement portrait session. This was a fun shoot. I had visions of Raging Bull in my head so we had a friend of theirs throw water into the background of a few […]


Gorgeous Light for Portraits

Courtney and Bard will be married this November. We got together at magic hour; the perfect time of day for engagement portraits. Magic hour is sometimes called golden hour and it usually falls within that last 2 hours before sunset with the sun is so low in the sky that its diffused more by the […]


Hot Air Balloon Ride Engagement Portraits

When I get together with couples for engagement portraits, I look at it as though I’m sort of a third wheel on a date and so I’m throwing out date ideas such as drive in movies, water parks, renting a boat on the lake, a walk through the zoo, etc.  For years I’ve mentioned hot […]


Big Ideas for Engagement Portraits

The highest compliment for a photographer has to be when you are hired by another photographer or when a potential client schedules their wedding date around your availability to shoot it. Bethany is a photographer in Memphis and I was so flattered that she moved her date around my busy schedule to ensure that I […]

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