Big Ideas for Engagement Portraits

competitive cupcake baking for engagement portrait theme

The highest compliment for a photographer has to be when you are hired by another photographer or when a potential client schedules their wedding date around your availability to shoot it. Bethany is a photographer in Memphis and I was so flattered that she moved her date around my busy schedule to ensure that I could come to Memphis to shoot her wedding this Fall. The least I could do was spend a little extra time with them for their engagement portrait session.  She and Ryan drove up to Nashville for their engagement portraits and wanted to hit up lots of sites that might be less familiar to their Memphis friends but they also challenged me with a few theme ideas. Apparently Ryan is a great cook so we thought it might be fun to do a little baking and get a little crazy with the flour so we reserved an hour at Viking Kitchen at the Factory in Franklin which turned out to be the perfect location! We shot throughout an entire Monday afternoon and when it started to rain we took a break by having a long lunch at the Cheesecake Factory until the weather cleared up.

Ryan For The Win!

how can you not smile big when your photographer forces you to run through some cold water on a hot day
gotta love playing in the water for engagement portraits
"tell each other a secret"

playgrounds are a favorite spot for engagement portraits for me and this one at the zoo is my 5 year old daughter's favorite playground
Its a great spot to take couples b/c its so hard to stand. Once they fall, well thats when you get the good shots!


The plan was to have Ryan set-up his drums at the lake for some sunset shots but because it was so overcast that it got dark early so we decided to nix that idea.


Fun and Stylish Engagement Portraits at Viking Kitchen, the Zoo, and Downtown Nashville | Matt Andrews Photography



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